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More Plank Road - 1850

Appears to be related to a May 1850 story.

PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that an application will be made by the Coney Island Plank Road to the Board of Supervisors of the county of Kings, on the 8th day of October, 1850, for permission and authority to lay out and construct a Plank Road, from a point in the city of Brooklyn to a point on Coney Island, and to take the Real Estate necessary for such purpose--to pass through the city of Brooklyn, the towns of Flatbush, New Utrecht and Gravesend. August 23, 1850.
au24 1aw8w JOHN VANDERBILT, President.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, August 28, 1850 (and other days)

The results:

Board of Supervisors.
Oct. 8th,

The Board of Supervisors held a meeting yesterday in the County Jail--Present, the chairman J G Bergen, and Mssrs. Crooke, Verplanck, Seabury, T G Bergen, Ryder, Voorhees, DeBevoise, Berry and Sloan.

The minutes of the last meeting read and approved....

Col. Crooke presented an application from the Coney Island Plank Road Company for permission to commence the road and detailing the route &c., proposing Messrs. Philip Hamilton, Abram Verplanck and Charles A. Van Zandt as commissioners, which was granted, and placed on file, and an order entered on the minutes to be recorded.

The Board adjourned to the 16th inst., at the same hour and place.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, October 9, 1850

And it continues! I find the timing here interesting, as it appears this is the first notice of this meeting, published presumably the morning of the meeting...

NOTICE-- We, the undersigned, Commissioners appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Kings county to lay out the Coney Island Plank Road, will meet on Wednesday, the 13th instant, at 3 o'clock, P.M., at the office of the Coney Island Plank Road, at the residence of John Vanderbilt, Esq., Flatbush, to hear all persons who may apply to us to be heard.

n12 2t

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, November 13, 1850

Last Plank Road article for the year. Really.

[Reported for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.]
WEDNSDAY, Dec. 26, 1850.

Mr. T. G. Bergen presented a petition from the Coney Island Plank Road Company, stating that they were organized pursuant to law, and asking for the appointment of Inspectors. Accepted--and Messrs. Hamilton, Van Zandt and Bergen were, on motion, appointed such inspectors, and the clerk was instructed to give the necessary notification.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, December 27, 1850

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