Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beating on the Coney Island boat - 1850

Sad! I wonder if the perpetrator was drunk.


CITY COURT.--Before Judge Johnson.--Aggravated case of assault and battery. This morning, Edward M. Garner appeared to the court, with his counsel Judge Dikeman, to obtain a certificate from his honor under the 16th section of the "act to establish courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction in Brooklyn." The circumstances under which this application was made are represented to be these. On the 26th of July inst., on board of the Coney Island boat, Mr. Garner was assaulted by a man named Thomas Burny, and beaten most outrageously. His face was a striking illustration of the punishment inflicted on him by Burny, for whose brutality there was no provocation. A certificate that the case was a proper one to be tried in a higher court, than the Special Sessions, was granted by Judge Johnson. The accused party was then taken before Justice John C. Smith, and required to put in bail in the sum of $300, to appear at the next Oyer and Terminer, for Kings County.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Monday, July 29, 1850

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