Sunday, August 14, 2011

Collision between Chingarora and Coney Island boat St. Nicholas

Doesn't look like this happened at Coney Island, but

Correspondence of the Daily Eagle.
Saturday, M., 24th Aug.

DEAR SIR:--I haste to inform you of a collision between the steamboat "Chingarora" (plying to Keyport) and Coney Island boat, "St. Nicholas." Last evening at half past 4 o'clock, as the boats were approaching the wharf at this place, the Chingarora came alongside, and passed the St. Nicholas, she being the "inshore" boat, and was crossing her bow in such a way, that it was expected the latter would have been obliged, either to steer for shore, or be jammed between the other boat and the dock. The pilot, however, thinking, I suppose, that "self-preservation is the first law of nature," suddenly turned the bow of his boat "off shore," and stopped the wheels, whence some might be led to suppose that he was in fault, whereas, unfortunately the "Jarsey" boat Chingarora was all to blame. The bow of the St. Nicholas came in contact with the guard of the Chingarora, which was considerably injured.

Respectfully yours, C.N.C.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Saturday, August 24, 1850

The St. Nicholas was referenced several time prior. In 1846 it was called "new and elegant."

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