Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Body and Crime near Coney Island - 1850

BODY FOUND.--The dead body of an unknown man was picked up near Coney Island on Sunday and an inquest held upon it at that place. The body was much decomposed, and no clue to its identity was obtained.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, August 14, 1850

And more of the Brooklyn Eagle's cynicism and sarcasm.

OUR "VIGILANT" SHERIFF.--It appears that another prisoner has made his escape from the County Jail, and is now at large. This took place last week, and the affair has been kept a secret from the public, up to this time. Is it not the duty of the Sheriff to offer a reward in such cases! The fugitive is a black man, named Carlo and he was under arrest for stealing a gold watch from Capt. Combs, at Coney Island. Cannot our "vigilant" cotemporary over the way, whose "vigilant" nose is ever on the scent for official negligence, or misconduct, bring this "vigilant" Sheriff before the bar of the public, and compel him to answer for these periodical escapes of felons committed to his "vigilance"?

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Saturday, August 17, 1850

I couldn't see who Captain Combs was, but searching for him, I found an 1862 newspaper with at least two reports of lost/stolen watches, as well as reference to a Capt. Combs looking for recruits in New York City (I'd assume Civil War).

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