Saturday, August 20, 2011

Military Target Practice at Coney Island

Governor Gil Davis is back!

Military Movements...

RINGGOLD HORSE GUARDS, AND FLATBUSH LIGHT ARTILLERY.--These fine companies proceeded to the Kingdom of Clams, State of Coney Island, this morning, for target practice. They were accompanied by a number of guests and friends, and will doubtless have a good time of it. Governor Davis will give them a grand reception, for which purpose he has ordered out several squadrons of quahogs, with a troop of roasting pigs.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, September 19, 1850

Same article--not Coney related, but I was interested to see how military uniforms have changed; it appears they didn't even used to be standardized.

PEARSON LIGHT GUARD.--This favorite corps, under the command of Captain Robert B. Clark, will make an afternoon parade, in full uniform, on Friday next, 20th inst. The uniform of this company is said to be the most brilliant of any worn in this country--consisting of white coat with blue and gold facings, scarlet pantaloons with buff stripe, and grenadier cap of bear skin, with gold tassels pendant to the front. Their ranks are rapidly filling up.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, September 19, 1850

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