Thursday, August 4, 2011

One more jab at the Star

I see so many assaults on the Brooklyn Daily Star when I'm JUST looking for Coney Island articles! Can you imagine how many there must have been in every issue?

The editor of the Star has been scolding the Aldermen for going with the Sandwich Islanders, to Coney Island, since the President's death. Poor man ! What a relief to him his first smile will be after the funeral on Friday. Wonder if he will make a public exhibition of it ?--Freeman.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, July 18, 1850

Yes, more 1800s sarcasm!

President Zachary Taylor died July 9, 1850. It may have been cholera, which was going around in the mid-1800s, even in New York. The Sandwich Islands was an old term for Hawaii.

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