Friday, July 13, 2012

Thief at Coney Island Point

At least, that's certainly implied…

BOLD ROBBERY OF A HORSE AND WAGON.--Yesterday, a gentleman named James Robinson, residing in New York, who owns a large amount of real estate at Flatbush, had proceeded to the latter place for the purpose of pointing out some trees to a carpenter to have felled. He left his horse and wagon, tied with the reins to a tree ; but on returning neither horse nor wagon were to be seen. He immediately set off in pursuit, accompanied by a Flatbush constable named Williamson, and found the lost property in the possession of an unknown individual at Coney Island Point. The thief was arrested and brought to this city, where he was examined before Justice King, John Brown, a resident of Plymouth street, Brooklyn, deposed that he had met the prisoner on the way to Coney Island Point, and asked him who owned the horse ? He answered at first that it was his own, and afterwards said he had hired it in New York. The defendant was committed in full for trial.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, July 29, 1852

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