Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happier time via Plank Road

After yesterday's accident, I figured I should share a happier excursion over the Plank Road.

THE DEMOCRATIC BANNER ALOFT.--The Granite Club of Brooklyn, accompanied by deputations from other parts of the city, proceeded to Sheep's Head Bay yesterday afternoon to erect a hickory pole as a symbol of the elevation of democratic principles in November. The great stage of Husted and Kendall's line, with ten omnibuses of the same line, all started in procession from the City Hall at 2 o'clock P. M., with a heavy freight of democracy--each being crowded. Granger's band had been engaged for the occasion, and struck up some of the most popular music as the cortege proceed over the Coney Island plank road to Sheep's Head Bay. On arriving at the Bay, the 8th ward had taken possession of the ground and planted their banner with the following inscription : "8th ward Pierce and King Association of Brooklyn--when united, always victorious." A hickory pole measuring ninety-six feet in length was elevated, and the democratic flag attached to the summit.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Tuesday, September 14, 1852

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