Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obscure way to wrap up 1852

I guess this again shows how many residents Coney Island had…and how little respect it got!

HO FOR THE SPOILS !--The Advertiser of yesterday informs the public that the proprietor of the Eagle is a prominent candidate for postmaster of the city, and the editor is going in hard for the City Clerkship. This is but little of our ambition; in addition to these aspirings for the spoils, we intend to grab up all the loves (sic?) and fishes that will fall to the share (?) of Long Island, on the approaching retreat of the Whigs : while Paddy expects to be sent out as Minister to Coney Island, to preside over a constituency of clams and oysters. He is desirous of going out with the full powers of a plenipotentiary and expects that the least deference that can be shown to him by the authorities is to supply him with a complete outfit, consisting of a pair of water tight over alls, a couple of top boots with cork soles, and an oil cloth jacket ; to detail a double bottomed mud scow to transport him to his destination, and to order a salute of fifteen fire crackers and a blue rocket, to honor his arrival. In these elevated aspiratians (sic) he hopes to have the powerful aid of the Advertiser and its editor, notwithstanding his threat to withhold it for the future.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, December 30, 1852

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