Monday, July 16, 2012

Coney Island for Charity

More sarcasm from the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. They don't seem to be pleased that government officials would visit Coney Island on the public dime.

INVITATIONS NOT ACCEPTED.--We received a few days ago the following invitation, dated at Kings Co. Almshouse, Flatbush, Sept. 1852 :

"You are invited to visit the Kings Co. Almshouse, Hospital and nursery buildings at Flatbush, on Wednesday, Sept. 8th, 1 o'clock, P.M.
By order of the Superintendent.

We have received repeated invitations to visit these buildings on similar occasions, but as the invitations always omitted one particular item--to wit, by what conveyance we were to arrive at our destination--we always declined taking any notice of them. We have no desire to walk out to Flatbush such weather, and were we to go carriage riding at our own expense we should hardly think of visiting Flatbush while Coney Island, Sheep's Head Bay, and similar scenes are spread around (illegible) on every side. The Supervisors go out to day to view the charitable institutions above named, and eat a good dinner, with all the et ceteras, at the public expense, which will, no doubt, fill their minds with wisdom, and their hearts with christian charity and benevolence, while it will also supply the vacancies of the stomach with good and nutricious matter. Spinola is to say grace, and that big clownish looking chap from Willismaburgh give the "Amen." The proceedings, we have no doubt, will be highly interesting, and the poor inmates of the Almhouse as well as the county generally will be largely benefitted thereby.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, September 8, 1852

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