Sunday, July 15, 2012

Storm Damages Coney Island Plank Road - 1852

DAMAGE BY THE STORM.--Some property in Brooklyn sustained considerable injury in consequence of the excessive rain of Saturday, but in all cases the damage was less than had been expected. A block of three story wooden buildings at Gowanus, in course of erection, and owned by Mr. Parker of Washington Market, N. Y., were blown down. A block of unfinished brick houses, belonging to Mr. Warren Beaman, were partially blown down and greatly damaged in other respects. Another building belonging to Mr. B., at Gowanus, was completely levelled. His loss altogether will amount to some thousands of dollars….The Coney Island plank road was slightly damaged. The injury sustained was very trifling and will be repaired today.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Monday, August 30, 1852

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