Saturday, July 23, 2011

Slow News Days - Coney Island 1850

Welcome to Coney Island, 1850!

Reported for the Brooklyn eagle.
NATURAL HISTORY DEPARTMENT of the Brooklyn Institute, March 28th, 1850.

Dr. McPhil, presiding.

Julien Hooper, in the absence of the Secretary, acted as such, pro tem...

Fossils.--Mr. King also presented what was supposed to be a large fungus, partially fossilized ; picked up on Coney Island : it was referred to Mr. John Hooper and Mr. Cl Congdon for examination...

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, March 14, 1850

Yeah, winter and spring tend to be slow news seasons for Coney Island. Let's see if we can find some action...


John McGee, Levi Sabin, Michael Knowland, Peter Arnold, Chas. Swift and Michael Brooks were arrested by officer Higgins upon the complaint of H B Hewlett, who charges them with having burglariously entered his premises known as the "Governor's Mansion" on Coney Island.--The parties were held to bail in the sum of $250 each for their appearance.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Tuesday, April 23, 1850

I'd imagine this is the same Officer Higgins who cited several burglars who beat a man the previous year.

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