Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coney Island cure?

Coney Island link to the cholera that was evidently going around New York...we'll see more soon.

NEWS FROM NEW YORK.--In Wednesday's Journal of Com'rce, under the head of "Brooklyn news," Justice King was sent on his "winding way" to the Sulpher (sic) Springs for the benefit of his health. Knowing that he was in his seat on Monday, we expected that he had had another attack and was compelled suddenly to lave, but to our surprise and gratification we found him in his seat yesterday, engaged in the duties of his office, apparently in very good health and much improved by an excursion to Coney Island, where he had been to snuff the sea breeze. His leaving his own room and getting up stairs for a little while, in order to have a floor laid, was probably the cause of the announcement. Sulphur is said to be a very good preventative for the cholera, but the justice is not yet frightened, and will not desert his post.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, Saturday, June 16, 1849

Couldn't find any info on who Justice King was, though.

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