Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cholera, Oceanic House fight

New York.

The Board of Health of New York report 11 deaths by cholera within the last 24 hours, ending to-day at noon, (Aug. 30) 5 of which were in the hospital and 6 in private practice.

CHOLERA IN SING SING.--We learn from the Heaald (sic?) that the Cholera, which made such fearful havoc at Sing Sing, a few days ago has abated.--It was mostly confined to a small space below the hill. Since the Cholera has began to decrease, dysentery has set in and several cases have been very severe.

There were ten deaths by Cholera in Boston yesterday.

There has been another row at the Oceanic House, Coney Island. A servant of Mr. Fanning C. Tucker struck a Mr. Ackerman, and nearly killed him. Tucker did not discharge the servant, but retained him in his servant and immediately after his brutal conduct brought him to the table to wait on his family. The boarders insisted on his being expelled from the room, and would not sit at the table until he was withdrawn. At the last advices an officer was in search of the offender, but it was supposed that Mr. Tucker had concealed him, as he could not be found.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, August 30, 1849

I wonder if "another row" refers to the row in 1848.

The last sale-type notice I saw in the Brooklyn Eagle regarding the Oceanic House was dated August 18, 1849. I would imagine it was open through much of summer 1849, regardless of the sale notices, but I don't know...lots of conflicting information. At least, the Oceanic House seemed to be the place to be on Coney in 1848, and maybe 1849....

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