Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To Coney Island - or not - 1852

TO CONEY ISLAND.--Montgomery Queen, Esq., Alderman of the 9th ward, and proprietor of the Fulton avenue and Bedford stage route, has extended an invitation to the Press of this city, to accept a ride in one of his new stages to Coney Island, this afternoon. An afternoon ride to the classic shores of Coney Island during the present weather, must be attended with very agreeable results. We shall have something to say about the jaunt to-morrow.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, June 23, 1852

An Excursion.

Yesterday afternoon, a number of the Brooklyn Aldermen, ex-Aldermen and city officers, with some other-gentlement, proceeded to Jamaica in a new stage, got up for pic-nic purposes by its enterprising proprietor, Montgomvery Queen, Esq., in accordance with an invitation extended by that gentleman. The invitation specified Coney Island as the place of destination ; but owing to some delay in starting, the party changed the route to Jamaica….

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, June 24, 1852

Well, how boring! The stage was drawn by 16 horses and held at least 30 people (!).

Interestingly, another newspaper reported the group DID go to Coney Island. I think the Eagle was the correct source, particularly since the journey didn't start until 2 o'clock, which sounds like a delay to me! But this goes to show that not everything reported in the newspapers actually happened.

PLEASURE JAUNT.--A number of the members of the Common Council and others connected with the adminstration of city affairs, paid a visit to Coney Island yesterday, in compliance with an invitation from Alderman Queen. The party, consisting of several stage leads, started from the City Hall about 2 o'clock, and proceeding on their jaunt, enjoyed a very pleasant time. They returned to the city early in the evening, well pleased with the afternoon's proceedings.

--New-York Daily Tribune, Thursday, June 24, 1852

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