Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Storm at Coney - 1852

THE STORM of Wind and Rain which began on Saturday night last is still raging (9 P.M., Wednesday) with scarcely noticeable abatement. There have been a few brief intervals of calm, but for at least seven-eighths of the time rain has fallen incessantly. We are not quite discouraged, however, for we have a vivid recollection of similar weather last spring, when the sun was invisible for an entire week. But the damage done by the present storm, in this vicinity, has not been remarkable. The Sound steamers have been somewhat retarded. Many of the fishermen on Coney Island have lost their boat, nets and tackle, and the boats brought to the dock at that place to be used in raising a sunken schooner driven out to sea, with chains, screws, and other articles on board….

--New-York Daily Tribune, Thursday, April 22, 1852

The New York Times reports the Coney Island road was damaged by the storms.

--The New York Times, April 27, 1852

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