Saturday, November 5, 2011

Property Sale on the way to Coney Island - 1852

Included for two reasons. First, these listings are probably almost half of what comes up if you look up "Coney Island" at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Second, there's reference to how popular the Plank Road has become....though in fairness, I'm not certain that's an accurate assessment, given they're surely trying to get the best price for the property being auctioned...

JAMES COLE, AUCTIONEER.--EXECUTOR'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL ESTATE, in the cities of New York and Brooklyn, and Lewis County N. Y., late of John Tredwell, deceased.

The following property will be sold at public auction on THURSDAY, 25th day of March, 1852, at 12 o'clock, noon, by James Cole, Auctioneer, at the Merchant's Exchange, in the city of New York, under the direction of the executors….

25th. That large edifice now being erected on the Plank road leading from Brooklyn to Coney Island, with the land adjoining the same, comprising about two acres and 3 77-100 perches, bounded easterly in front 255 feet by the Plank road, northerly 410 feet by Johnson avenue, westerly 240 feet by a street to be laid out by the United Freeman's Land Association, and southerly 324 feet by a street to be opened, which separates the premises from land of the Hon. John A. Lott.

The property is part of the farm formerly of David Johnson, Esq., dec'd, and opposite the residence of Alonzo G. Hammond, Esq., dec'd, and opposite the residence of Alonzo G. Hammond, Esq.; it is about half way between the Fulton Ferry, Brooklyn, and Coney Island, and the plank road is fast becoming the most extensively used route for pleasure drives in that part of the Island. The buildings included for a hotel and boarding house are nearly completed, but will be sold in their unfinished state. The above Association contemplate an early improvement at their tract.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, March 11, 1852

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