Thursday, November 3, 2011

St. Patrick's Society - 1852

As always, this is a historical quote; either this is a crazy parody, or a reflection of pretty strong anti-Catholic bias...

ST. PATRICK'S SOCIETY.--This society, celebrates the Anniversary of their patron Saint, on the 18th instead of the 17th, on which the anniversary occurs. The reason is not that there is to be a Sunday in the middle of next week, but because there happens to be a fast day in its midst. Wednesday on which the celebration ought to take place is a fast day, and so the St. Patrick's Society have shoved over the celebration till the next day. We must confess we don't much like this move. St. Patrick himself was a "rale (?) old Irish gintleman (sic)," who lived a life of self-chastisement, and mortification in subduing the ferocious instincts of the flesh, and bringing it under the dominion of the spirit. He did not pamper his appetites, but chased all the reptiles, toads, bed bugs and other varmint out of the green Isle, by the downright dint of prayer an (sic) fasting : he fasted himself to the bare bones, and prayed the lives out of them entirely. We can therefore see no propriety whatever in declining to celebrate his memory, because it cannot be done with roast beef and venison--things that, ten to one, the good saint never tasted in his life.

The society can have plenty of stewed eels and fried oysters, and any number of Coney Island clams; and if that don't satisfy them they are no better than ordinary christians (sic), and not fit to celebrate the memory of Saint Patrick. Suppose the festival had occurred in the week preceding Easter, when no flesh is to be eaten during the week: would the society have staved off the celebration for an entire week ?…--PADDY.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Monday, March 8, 1852

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