Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Governor Gil Davis is still around!

THE ROAD.--There was a large amount of carriage riding enjoyed yesterday, on our beautiful Long Island roads. The country is clothing itself, like our fashionable belles, in a garb of gay colors, green being the predominant hue, in all its various shades ; and already many of the trees are putting forth their fragrant blossoms. Several members of the Coney Island Institute ventured down as far as the Bridge, but were prevented from crossing over to the territory sacred to clams and Governor Gil Davis, by the uncongenial breezes which met them at the causeway. A great many of the "fast 'uns" were out, too, in all their pride; and all the roads were in such a fine condition, that anything outside of 2:45 couldn't shine. The most of these took the road to John I.'s, and there was the tallest kind of rattling over the plank track.--"He-i-g-h! Why don't you go 'long ! S-a-a-y !"

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Monday, April 14, 1851

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