Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pic-nic news

Of mild interest...another case of taking the Coney Island boat to go elsewhere!

THE LINDEN SOCIETY.--A week ago to-day, the Linden Literary Society had a delightful pic-nic, which we have not seen mentioned in any of the papers. They started for Cedar Grove on Staten Island, but by some failure in the boat, were obliged to change their direction at a short notice. Taking the Coney Island boat at 10 o'clock, they were landed at Fort Hamilton, and conveyed thence to the pic-nic woods, about a mile distant, where they spent the day in recreative sports, By the way this is one of the most pleasantest and most accessible spots for a summer party anywhere to be found. The woods are beautiful, and a small pic-nic hotel has been erected in them for the convenience of parties ; so that it has all the needful fixtures, while a fresh ocean breeze banishes every idea of summer heat. It is a charming place.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Saturday, July 19, 1851

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