Thursday, October 6, 2011

Coney Island Point City?

With the references to the beloved Governor Gil Davis (who the Brooklyn Daily Eagle usually pokes fun at) and the Coney Island Institute (which the Brooklyn Daily Eagle always seems to mock), I imagine this isn't an entirely serious endeavor.

ANOTHER CITY.--A mass meeting of the citizens of Coney Island and its dependencies is to be held to petition the Legislature for an act of incorporation making Coney Island Point a city. Congress will also be petitioned to make it a port of entry, in consideration of the commercial facilities offered by the majestic Creek. Governor Gil Davis will preside, and members of the Coney Island Institute will attend in a body. This agitation, it is more than hinted, has been produced by the recent proceedings in this neighborhood.--The city of Coney Island Point will doubtless prove a formidable rival to the city of Williamsburgh. Let the old "kingdom" look to its laurels. Gil Davis is in the field, and if his "mad is up," there will be something "broke," or we're mistaken!

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Thursday, April 17, 1851

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