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Oceanic House - 1848

CONEY ISLAND.--A new public house has been erected at Coney Island, by Dr. Clark, and is to be opened for the reception of visitors on the first of June. It is to be called the Oceanic House, and is so spacious as to accommodate three or four hundred persons. Coney Island is getting to be an important place, and the Governor of Coney Island an important man. Last summer, during the bathing season, two steamboats plied regularly between Coney Island and New York, and this year we may expect that the number of visitors will be greatly increased.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, April 28, 1848

That sure sounds like another reference to Governor Gil Davis if you ask me.

OCEANIC HOUSE, CONEY ISLAND.--A. CLARK, PROPRIETOR.--This Hotel, erected during the last year, and possessing accommodations for 300 guests, is now open for the reception of the public. The hotel is pleasantly situated about two miles from the Point ; commands an extensive view of the sea and the harbor of New York, and is replete with every modern improvement and convenience. The bathing ground of Coney Island is acknowledged to be the best and the safest in the United States, and every facility is afforded at the Oceanic House for the bathers. The hotel will be kept as one of the first class, and every exertion made to give complete satisfaction.--The distance from New York and Brooklyn is about ten miles. The route by land is over one of the most beautiful roads in the country, while that by water is through a bay and harbor unsurpassed in lovely and picturesque scenery. Stages and boats pass to and from the island every hour in the day. With all these advantages combined, the Oceanic House, situated on an island celebrated for its bracing air and healthy locality, cannot fail to be a desirable and grateful retreat during the hot months of summer.

PS. Rooms can be procured by making application at the Astor House from 10 to 11 1/2 o'clock' or of the proprietor on the premises, Oceanic House, Coney Island.

je9 A. CLARK, Proprietor.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, June 9, 1848 (and June 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, and so on)

Foundations of America describes the Astor House as a hotel on Broadway between Vesey and Barclay Streets. It opened in 1836.

The Knickerbocker magazine had information as well:

DR. CLARK, of Langsingburgh, favorably known to many of our citizens, has entered upon the occupancy of 'The Oceanic-House' at Coney-Island, a first-class establishment, of great capacity, and possessing architectural attractions of no mean order. Nothing can exceed the extent and beauty of the ocean-view to be commanded from the hotel, while the sea-bathing is well known, cannot be matched in quality and safety on the Atlantic coast. With a table supplied with all that our markets can afford, wines of the best description, courteous attention, and invigorating sea-breezes, we can scarcely imagine a pleasanter spot wherein to defy the fervors of the summer solstice than the easily-accessible ' Oceanic-House' at Coney-Island...

--Knickerbocker, or, New-York monthly magazine, Volume 32 By Washington Irving, Published 1848

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