Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of the Season - 1846

This ran several times near the end of August:

SUNDAY EXCURSIONS.--THE superior steamboat IOLAS, Captain Yates, wil leave Thorne's Dock, near Fulton ferry, Brooklyn, on Sunday, August 30, at 2 P.M. for Coney Island--returning, will leave Coney I. at 6 1/2 o'clock--stopping at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare 12 1/2 cents each way.

There is a regular Ordinary at the Island, on the N. York plan--everything 12 1/2 cents a plate ; also, good stages to take passengers to the upper houses, at 1. each. Apply to
R. J. Todd, 88 Fulton street

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Wednesday, August 26, 1846

And this is the last article I saw on Coney for 1846. I think it's the end of the season!


CONEY ISLAND.--The Steamer Iolas, Capt. Yates goes to Coney Island to-morrow afternoon from Thorn's dock. at 2 o'clock.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Saturday, August 29, 1846

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