Sunday, June 19, 2011

Churches with Closed Doors - August 26, 1847

Forgot to upload this one back in 1847... Early reference to Coney Island as a place of sin.


During the hot season, many of your country readers may not be aware that the fashionable churches of New York are all shut up. A pious exclusive would as soon take a stroll on our beautiful "Battery," as be seen at church in July or August; so the doors of the sanctuary are closed. The spider spins his web in the pulpit; the dust settles think (sic) on the splendidly-bound Bible, the sexton drinks juleps at Coney Island; and the respectable pastor recruits his exhausted energies in the religious salons of Saratoga or Newport.

The National Era - August 26, 1847

I'd assume there is at least some exaggeration as to the state of churches. The New York Times did have a listing for religious services for July and August 1852 (the earliest the archives go for those months).

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