Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Methodist Church Pic Nic Excursion - 1845

[Reported for the Brooklyn Eagle.]

Local Items.

Yesterday was devoted to the pleasures of a pic nic excursion by the Sunday School of the Washington street Methodist Church; and bright and early some hundred or two persons, of all ages and sizes, arose with expectancy and enthusiasm to engage in the sports of the day...At eight o'clock divers omnibusses laden with their happy freight were seen wending their way from among the motley throng of the crowded city, and making all convenient speed to the silent shades of the forest trees. Having debarked, there commenced a scene of childish fun and frolic which was really edifying to the uninitiated to witness. The older heads, too, who discreetly superintended the doings of the occasion, were not slow in throwing to the winds their dignity and catching the youthful inspiration...

We drove down to Coney Island ; took a view of the illimitable ocean ; listened a while to its solemn roar ; "cooled off" in the delightful breezes which continually play upon the land at that favored place, and returned home in the shades of evening, refreshed and desperate with a resolution to repeat the day's enjoyment at the earliest opportunity.

--Brooklyn Eagle, Friday, July 11, 1845

The article is fun to read, to see what people considered a really fun afternoon 150+ years ago.

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