Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot Weather - 1845

HOT WEATHER.--The "oldest inhabitant" is quite unable to find a parallel for this most extraordinary and oppressive weather. For three or four days past the heat has been steadily increasing, and the thermometer ranging higher and higher, until it indicates about one hundred degrees in the shade! Think of that, ye rusticators at Saratoga, Niagara, Coney Island, Rockaway, Greenport, and other cool retreats? Think that while you are inhaling the fresh mountain air, or the pure sea breeze, and tickling your palates with food taken directly from the earth or the ocean, your less fortunate brethren are prespiring (sic) amid the glare of brick walls, eating liquid butter, and sighing for the breeze which is not. In fact, the only desirable occupation at the present time is the driving of an ice-cart. Seated upon a block of the shining "Rockland," and listening to the plash and tinkle of the rills that flow from it, it is indeed a most enviable position, and one which a prince might covet. But, unhappily, we cannot all engage in that business ; and hence the majority are compelled to suffer. We beg our friends not to taunt us with the admonition, "keep cool"?....

--Brooklyn Eagle, Monday, July 14, 1845

The article mentions that the actual high at Wall Street was 99, which was the highest temperature recorded in the 8 years of record-keeping.

Frankly, by April, the Phoenix area is usually well over 99, and in July and August, the 110s are fairly common. Though in fairness, we have low humidity overall, and certainly we have air conditioning. Still...a Coney Island breeze would be nice, even now...

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