Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coney Island Stage - 1844

CONEY ISLAND & BROOKLYN STAGES.--CROPSEY & CARLL'S line.--The above line of stages will commence running on Monday, April 15, 1844, from Coney Island to Brooklyn, No. 12 Fulton street, passing through Flatbush, Flatlands and Gravesend, every day, (Sundays excepted,) as follows: Leave Coney Island at 7 o'clock A.M.; leave Brooklyn, 12 Fulton street, 4 1/2 o'clock P.M.

Coney Island being an old established watering place, situated on Long Island, 10 1/2 miles from New York, bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, directly in front of Sandy Hook, and having a full view of the shipping passing in and out of the harbor of New York, makes it a very desirable spot in the summer months. For health and sea bathing, and convenience to New York by stage, it cannot be surpassed by any other watering place. Coney Island, April 11th, 1844.

ap15 tf NICH'S W. VANDUYNE, Agt

--Brooklyn Eagle, Thursday, April 18, 1844

Such ads continue almost daily through Monday, November 25, 1844, frankly making skimming the Brooklyn Eagle difficult.

At first I was surprised that the stage didn't run on Sundays, until it became clear that the stage was to take people FROM Coney Island to the city of Brooklyn and back. Coney Island was a very popular place to hang out on Sundays!

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