Sunday, April 17, 2011

Auction Notice - Gig and Harness for Coney Island

AUCTION NOTICE--R.J. TODD will sell at auction in his sales rooms, 88 Fulton st., on Saturday evening, June 28, at early candlelight, a large lot of 2d hand household and kitchen furniture, which cannot be longer stored on account of the improvements going on in the store, and table cutlery, clocks, feather beds and mattresses, with various other articles; also, without any reserve, a gig and harness--just the thing for Coney Island.
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--Brooklyn Eagle, Friday, June 27, 1845

I assume the Coney Island reference is saying the gig and harness would be good for taking the misses or whoever to Coney Island in the summer, as people liked to do in July and August in particular? But I guess he could also be claiming the furniture would be good for one's summer residence? What do you think?

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