Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Water Rising at Coney

CHEERING FOR TEATOTALLERS.--A telegraphic despatch from Coney Island, received last week, says the " Water is very high, and still rising."--We have no further particulars. The despatch was evidently transmitted " in haste," as it gave nofigures (sic).

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, March 7, 1851

Same column, by the way:

WOMAN.--Why is that it presumptuous man still fancies woman his inferior, and believes that while strolling (?) to the journey's end of life, she is all very well if she find a little shelter under his lordly wing ? What has he ever done that woman cannot do, with the exception of some physical drudgeries, which rather bespeak of his inferiority. To rule a kingdom, or drive four in hand, to write a novel or edit a newspaper,man's no touch to her. And in "readings from Shaspeare," (sic), Mrs. Lesdernier, this evening, at the Female Academy, gives an entertainment which we would advise the gentlemen readers to attend, and see if they can't learn to read their lessons with more effect in future.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Friday, March 7, 1851

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