Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fishing Excursion

FISHING EXCURSION !----The safe and commodious schooner GEN. GILES, Captain Greenwood, has been chartered by the subscriber to go down on the Bay on the Fishing Grounds, and will leave the foot of Fulton street, Brooklyn, on THURSDAY evening, July 30, returning on Friday evening.

Those wishing a pleasant fishing excursion will find this agreeable. The schooner will stop at Fort Hamilton and Coney Island, and an opportunity will be afforded for passengers to go ashore at several other landings.

Fishing apparatus furnished without charge.

Tickets for the trip, only ONE DOLLAR--may be obtained of the subscriber, or at the Franklin House, corner of Fulton and Water streets ; Samuel Carmon, Long Island Hotel ; Owen Colgan, James street ; and at the Post Office.

jy28 3t HENRY HINES.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Tuesday, July 28, 1846

Historical Currency Conversions pegs that dollar as $29.02 dollars today, while The Inflation Calculator says it's $23.99. Either way, it seems to me like it wasn't a lower-class trip, when it was only 12.5 cents to take the ferry to or from Coney Island for the day.... (Was it really an overnight trip? Were there accommodations?)

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