Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coney Island Telegraph Part 2

If you recall, the Brooklyn Eagle was not optimistic about the telegraph line staying intact under the river. And it appears their concerns were well-founded.

OFFING TELEGRAPH.--The final experiment of carrying the wire of this telegraph across the East River having proved unsuccessful, we understand the project is now abandoned. The leaden tube broke by some unknown means, and the communication was in consequence interrupted. It has since been taken up. Mr. Colt now intends, we believe, to carry the wire across in the air, from "pole to pole," at the Fulton ferry. The telegraph between the ferry and Coney Island was tested last week and found to work well.

--Brooklyn Eagle, Monday, January 19, 1846

Again, the telegraph worked fine from Coney to Fulton ferry:

Regular reports are now received from Coney Island by the Telegraph, the station of which is at present in the store corner of Everit and Fulton sts., near the ferry.

--Brooklyn Eagle, Thursday, January 22, 1846

Can you believe the telegraph was a big attraction?

The station of the Coney Island Telegraph near the Fulton ferry is daily visited by numbers of ladies and gentlemen, for the purpose of gratifying their curiosity in relation to this wonderful means of communication. The operations, though very simple, are well worth seeing. At 9 o'clock this morning the revenue cutter Spencer was reported in the offing bound for sea.

--Brooklyn Eagle, Wednesday, February 11, 1846

Later there was a big storm--

City Intelligence
...Yesterday the Coney island telegraph reported the storm as very severe on the coast, and the air so thick that the lookout couldn't see more than fifty feet from the shore--the wind blowing stiffly from the north...

--Brooklyn Eagle, Monday, February 16, 1846

And more winter weather woes:

City Intelligence
...The Coney Island Telegraph has been suspended all this morning, it is supposed, by some of the poles having been carried away by the ice in the creek. The interruption will be remedied in the course of the day.

--Brooklyn Eagle, Friday, February 20, 1846

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