Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cropsy's Hotel - 1846


CONEY ISLAND.--Would you enjoy the cool sweet breeze fresh from the Ocean? then go down to Coney Island this evening, and stay there till Monday. The accommodations at Cropsy's Hotel are of an excellent character, and every attention is paid by the gentlemanly host and his efficient assistants to the pleasure and comfort of guests. The accommodations for bathing at the beach, under the superintendence of Mr. Barry, are of a superior character ; and ladies here are not subject to any annoyance. They will find every attention paid to their delicacy and comfort that could be desired.

--Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Saturday, August 8, 1846

Pretty sure they mean Cropsey. I was hoping I could find some good info on Google, but if you Google "James Cropsey Coney Island" do you know what comes up? This blog! Ah well.

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